Web scraping with Python 3

In this quick blog post I’ll show the simply way to web scrape some data from a website using python. SETUP Before we start, firstly you’ll need to install three python libraries using the usual pip method, if you’re not familiar how to do this simply open a command prompt (windows example) and type in […]

SQL Server Backups to Azure Storage

Since SQL Server 2014 we’ve had the capability to  backup databases directly onto azure storage, before you’re able to do this however there are a few steps which need to be setup first via Azure and in SQL Server itself. CREATE STORAGE ACCOUNT, KEYS AND CONTAINER Firstly, logon to your Azure account, if you don’t […]

JSON (Extract & Query)

A new feature in SQL Server 2016 (also available in Azure SQL database) is the ability to create and query  JSON (Javascript object notation) documents, which have now become a common alternative to XML. Lets look at some examples, I’ll be using tables from the new sample database for SQL Server 2016 WorldWideImporters which you […]