New year goal: Getting involved in the #SQLFamily

As we’re all approaching the end of the first working week of 2016 I thought I’d blog about one of my 2016 goals by using the medium of blogging (which I’m starting as another of my 2016 goals).

At the beginning of each year I generally set myself a few work and personal goals which I hope to achieve throughout the year. Top of my work list this year is getting more involved in the SQL community.

SQL Server has an amazing community, one which I’ve always felt people don’t utilise to its fullest (myself included), but I’m hoping in 2016 this will change.
How am I going to do this I hear you ask, I’ve decided I want to build on the last few years progression in this area where I’ve attend SQL Relay and SQL Saturday (Cambridge). Both of which were excellent really well organised conferences and both really opened my eye to the benefits you can get from the community and all for free!! .

Not being the type of person who hangs around just talking and not doing, I’ve already taken the leap and booked on the Friday and Saturday sessions at SQL Bits, which this year has the advantage of it being in my native North west so really I’d be stupid not to attend. I also feel it’s time I started attending my local pass chapter in the great city of Manchester.

All in all I think it’s now time to start upping my involvement with the #sqlfamily as it’s an excellent way to gain amazing advice, ridiculous amounts of knowledge and networking with other people in the field.

Therefore I’ve decided I want to attend the following this year and we’ll see how I get on at the end of the year shall we:

PASS Chapter Manchester
SQL Relay
SQL Saturday Manchester
SQL in the city

All of these events are already booked into my calendar (barring SQL Relay dates yet to be announced) and I know this only seems a small list but trust me this is a big leap  as I’ve been working with SQL Server for nearly 10 years and not really attended many before, hey next year I might even convince my employer to let me attend the PASS Summit in the U.S (Heres to dreaming eh).

Hopefully 2016 is going to be any excellent year for learning and for networking, can’t wait!



Let’s just say this year has not really gone to plan, after moving house in January it’s been a year of getting settled and what has felt like constant re-decorating, but I’m please to announce this its all now completed.

However despite this I’ve manage to have attend quite a few conferences which I intended to.

PASS Chapter Manchester

This is still on my to do list, but sadly working over in the West Yorkshire region this has proved more difficult that I first thought, but I’m determined to get there one day.


This was my first large data conference which I’ve ever attended and I loved it!!, the organisation of SQLBits is amazing and the knowledge I gained from the two days I attended was untrue.

This is 100% going to be a permanent fixture in my calendar!

SQL Relay

This was held in Leeds this year, I find the relay well organised and love the depth of subjects which can be chosen from for a one day conference.

SQL Saturday Manchester

I attended a full day pre-con session by Allan Mitchell and Lara Rubbelke learning about IOT and Azure SQL data warehouse which was really informative and really peaked my interest more in this area of data and also the possibility of moving the data warehouse which I currently work on to the cloud .

I also attend the following day for the main SQL Saturday event, this again is really well organised and has some amazing session, I’d really recommend anyone based in the UK and definitely people from the North West Area to attend this next year.

Again this will now be a permanent fixture in my calendar!

SQL in the city

This was turned into an online event so decided against it.


Although this was only my first year using the SQL community as a learning platform I can certainly say I’ll be back next year.  These conferences have sessions on a great depth of subjects, so you can learn new technologies along side updating or simple cementing your current knowledge, plus you’re learning from industry experts!!!!  

Would I recommend attending these conferences to other data professionals…..I already have 😀


2 thoughts on “New year goal: Getting involved in the #SQLFamily

  1. A kindred spirit! I’ve also decided to try and involve myself in the amazing SQL Server community this year. I attended my first Pass chapter event in London this month and certainly plan to go to more in the future. I’ve actually paused in the middle of writing my first every blog post just to comment on your article, as well.
    Here’s to 2016 being a great year for both of us!

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    1. Kindred spirits we are, I was hoping to attend my first user group meeting last night but after moving house at the weekend it was pushed down the priorities list :-(. I’ve found starting a blog really good for numerous points so hope it’s the same for you.

      Hope to see you at a conference sometime…..good luck 🙂


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