Database Migration to AzureSQLDB using SSMS 2016

Having migrated a few of our on premise databases over to AzureSQLDB I’ve always found it a little painful or very painful depending on the method you’ve decided to use. The above graphic illustrates two common methods used to migrate & convert a database from an on premise SQL instance into an AzureSQLDB, I tended […]

Recovery is key

After reading a while ago about the problem in the U.S where Database corruption causes 100000 air force investigation to be lost, it got me thinking about stressing the importance of not only a database backup plan but also a recovery plan. I’ve worked as a DBA long enough to understand if you’re not interested in […]

Truncate all tables by Schema

As I  mainly work in development of SQL Server databases or data marts for data warehouses,  I quite often use schemas  (which are massively under utilised) in the database to separate out tables into sections of relative data. After typing out TRUNCATE TABLE statements for numerous tables in a certain schema I decided it was […]

Creating your first Azure SQL Database

Having played around with the Azure SQL database for quite sometime now, it always surprises me how many people I spoken to who haven’t tried using a Azure SQL database because they find the whole Azure thing to daunting. So I thought I’d write a blog post to detail how you can get up and […]

SSIS Execution Details T-SQL Script

If you’ve ever had experience of working with the Integration service catalog in SQL Server 2012 and above, you’ll know when it comes down to running one of the execution reports it can be painfully slow (Dependent on the amount of execution history you retain, see one of my previous posts about that), this despite […]

Restoring the Master database (Oh nooooo)

Like most DBA’s will know (or at least some unfortunate one’s) when disaster strikes the last thing to do is panic, but its also a time when you need to be confident you’re able to carry out database restores quickly and proficiently. For most DBA’s this is bread and butter stuff and would quickly knock out […]